Best Android Music Player: well we all have a busy life with our own set of problems, but the good music makes everything much better, we all need a good music player with great features, to enjoy the music on our phone,BTW, you can download your favorite music using Instube app so here’s our list of 10 Best Mp3 Music Players for Android.

    1. Poweramp: Poweramp is a common name when it comes to music, in Google Play Store Poweramp music player is one of the most popular apps you would find, while the dark interface is love for some but the number of features it packs does make any techie buy the premium version of the app without any doubt. Poweramp plays almost all playlist formats and music formats you can think of, like Mp3 music,alac,wma,aac,flac,wav,Ogg,m3u,plx etc.                                                                                                                                                           Coming with features like graphical with ten bands, bass, treble adjustment, mono mixing, stereo expansion, balance and much more. Poweramp music player supports, lyrics, .cue files, tag editor, and much more than you would ever imagine. Along with the ton of features, there are tons of customization you can do to change feel and look of the app, album art, audio, lock screen, and more. Poweramp music player is a feature rich app, so if you want to try the trial version is available on Play Store also head here to buy the Premium version of the music player.                      Download
    2. Pi Music Player Pi Music player is a great mp3 player you can consider if you are not willing to pay for the best music player with good features.The Pi Music player comes with a minimal user interface, giving you great listening experience, the animations, transitions are great to use. It is a good mp3 music player which comes with great playback features; it houses an equalizer with five band setting and bass boost, ten great presets.Other features like sleep timer which will stop playing after you are asleep and gestures support, the ability to change meta data(author), great folder view enhanced folder view, various themes and customization are the icing on the cake for PI music player.   It’s a free app so if you want to buy go ahead to play store                                 Download
    3. GoneMAD Music Player                                                                                  GoneMAD Music Player isn’t that popular as others, but it is indeed one of the clean and feature rich best music players that I have seen, GoneMAD music player has tons of features like support for mp3, aac, WMV, FLAC,adts, etc, also various presets, audio effects packed in a good looking and decent UI.coming to the equalizer presets you have 16 different modes/presets to try,also GoneMAD music player is packed with extra pro features like auto pitch correction,DSP limiter, it also includes some of the great features like crossfade, gapless playback, cue sheet, sleep timer,etc                                                       Download
    4. Shuttle Music Player:Shuttle Music Player is quite popular music player,it stands out from rest of the crowd with flat and materialistic UI and it does grab is known to be the ‘better UI version of Google Play Music’ The shuttle music app houses a simple but great user interface, also with extra customization with good themes are bonus.It comes with features like embedded lyrics, sleep timer, gapless playback, etc., also it comes with a band equalizer with six bands plus bass boost                       Download
    5. Musixmatch
      you might wanna call it the VLC of best music android apps.
      Musixmatch is one of my favorite apps because the app not only is the best mp3 music player but also one of the best apps to get lyrics of any local mp3 song, on your phone,
      with a minimal UI and ample of features, musixmatch is one such app you can play music/sync with various streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music also know the lyrics to the song. Supports up-to 58 different languages for lyrics, it also comes with basic features of other music player.                                                        Download
    6. BlackPlayer
      BlackPlayer is a balanced music app with a good balance of great features and minimal UI.Personally, i am a big fan of its UI, while the app packs normal features, such as support for all standard formats including aac, WMV,mp3, FLAC. Also coming with a built in equalizer. BlackPlayer enables you to use an external equalizer and comes with a built-in equalizer, also external bass boost and 3D surround visualizer works pretty well with the BlackPlayer, I would say the modular approach for the app is great, which is uncommon with common features like sleep timer, continuous playback, ID3 tag editor, crossfading.

      I also liked the idea of being able to modify everything including theme, how now playing looks, the transitions the layout, font, colors, basically the best music player with so many customization, widgets are cool too, to change songs on the go.The part where some of us may get a bummer is the free version houses limited features, so if you are willing to buy the premium, it’s a good choice or either you could enable ads and use the app features.                                                                            Download
    7. Stellio Music Player:Stellio Music Player this is one of the apps for which is indeed an eye-candy I love the fact that it changes colors of the app to the currently playing song’s album art cover, it does come with regular features like gapless playback, crossfade, tag editing, etc. apart from the standard audio formats, Stellio supports various rare formats. It comes with equalizer with 12 bands and many presets                                        Download
    8. CloudPlayer by doubleTwist if you want to listen to the music or mp3 files stored in cloud services which can store your personal files such as Google drive, Dropbox or one drive then cloud player by double twist is the one thing to consider also if you want to you can download the songs via CloudPlayer to your phone from the cloud storage, along with the cloud playing feature it also has chrome cat and airplay support, also it supports lossless formats like FLAC,alac, and many more.The app comes with the 10 band equalizer, and 17 presets there’s a special feature on this app called SuperSound feature, which takes your music hearing experience in headphones to the next level, bass boosting, stereo widening effects, etc, it also supports android wear and Android auto which is a plus point if you are on the move, Download
    9. The Minima music player:The Minima music player if you are an XDA member, or a custom ROM/mod fanatic you might already know this, folks over at XDA have developed this new minimal music player perfect for every phone, the features are bit lacking if you compare to other music player but the user interface and the way it feels is totally dope coming to the features, you have a sleep timer you can swipe to close the player,and other theme is a free music player still in development stage and buddies over XDA have promised time-to-time updates with added features                                                                         Download
    10. Google Play Music
      yes you heard it right, Google Play music, because many of us don’t know how it is after the recent updates, Google has recently updated the Google Play Music, and on point, it is a great music player now, curated music, with or without the internet, you will have access to the recently listened music, favorite tunes, download, or play local MP3 all the music in the world, if you are not a fanatic of customization and just need a simple app that works, just update yours existing Google Play music( space saved 😉 ) and enjoy the minimal life of music 🙂                                                   Download

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Best Android Music Player:

so we have compiled this list of top 10 best mp3 music players that can accompany you, through your busy and tiring life, hope you found this list informative, do comment down below if you find any more music players that are worth to be in the list

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