Hey guys, we are here with a new post about how you can turn off vibration and sound while typing on android phones, if you ask me, the vibration really helps in terms of avoiding typo’s but those annoying sounds which we get on tapping on letters! Or you may be a fan of those sounds and not a big fan of vibration, or you just want to avoid both, or one, this post is for you! So let’s now jump in and see how we can turn off vibration/sound in google keyboard

It’s kind of big deal to just go to settings, here and there, pfft. Thank fully we have posted the shortcut to google keyboard settings to turn off vibration/sound, so we are going to Keyboard’s Settings menu, open your keyboard then long-press the button just to the left of the space bar. Yep the comma one!

Once you release the key, a popup window will appear, with two options:  Languages and Google Keyboard settings. Tap the one which says- google keyboard settings

This will open up settings menu, in which you get various options, In the Settings menu, you will find something called “Preferences” if you can see this then you are on the right place, tap on it and it will open another sub menu.

Once you have enabled “Sound on key press”, it will allow you directly to customize the loudness of the sound, it will be set to system default. You can move the slider and select the right sound you need.


You can find Sound options by scrolling down for about three-quarters, so if you prefer to hear sounds while typing toggle the switch to on.



You will find the vibration option below it, it will function similar to sound settings, Vibrate on keypress will be enabled by default, so if you don’t want the vibration, you can disable it with the slider.


However if you like it, like in my case, you can adjust the sensitivity of the vibration, in the menu just below. Well for me the default was quite adequate, but when I tried  maxing it out, I just felt how strong the vibration motor is of our phones, you can’t really imagine typing with that high vibration, though you have an option, in case you are high 😛 (jk).


There are a few other things you could change here too: “Popup on keypress,” which pops up a magnified version of the key as you type on, maybe for your accuracy or something? 😛 ;  other options include “Voice input key,” which you can use to enable/disable the mic button on the keyboard by toggling it, and last but not least “Key long press delay,” which enables you to personally define what “long press” means to you.

In the recent update of google keyboard, now we have one-hand mode, and some brand new emoji to flaunt off, regardless of the other small changes in the app itself.

A word..

There are tons of third-party keyboard apps out there in the market, but I just love minimalism and I am lazy, so Google keyboard just works fine for me, I felt useful to share this with you guys, if you liked the tutorial share it with your friends, and comment your queries or suggestions  below in the comment section




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