Google as we all know is focusing on making simpler and minimal smartphones with flaagship features with Pixel lineup, according to sources Google is getting ready to launch the next flagship to the pixel lineup: Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL,which will be unveiled on on October 4th. with all the leaks that we have seen, Google is dumping 3.5mm headphone jack in the phone,probably moving towards futuristic concepts, it is said to be having an almost bezel-less display which is an essential feature in 2017 flagship, coming with a 18:9 aspect ratio display to give a futuristic appeal, standing apart from the crowd Google might have decided to skip the dual camera feature, trying to improve the existing mono camera setup, focusing more on the image processing according to the leaked sources, as we know Google Pixel XL was already pretty good in camera segment in all aspects.

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Recently, a XDA-Developer reported a new feature to the next Google Pixel Xl called always on “music recognition”, ie the smartphone will always be hearing to the sound around the phone, even when the phone is locked, not sure of the usem the music recognition is said to work with Google assistant to find out stuff online, and also it will be a stock feature which would be built into the phone and not as a standalone app, also according to his leaks, the next Google Pixel XL is said to be having stereo speaker setup upfront giving us the studio experience with amplified audio

adding to it according to the sources there would be bunch of features such as the new portrait mode in camera app of Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone,it would produce much sharper portrait images with bokeh effects.also the minor changes in user interface such as the search bar in the bottom portion of the pixel launcher instead of the top like in the old pixel launcher,


other features like squeeze feature to enable google assistant, and ambient display to display time and other notifications have been rumored but yet to see what Google is upto on the next Google Pixel XL

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