It’s almost time for Samsung to bring their next iteration of Samsung Galaxy C7. As Samsung is known for upgrading their phone lineup every year, they seem to have a delay on updating the “C” lineup of Samsung. The manufacturer’s mid-range lineup C7 is expected to launch this year’s upgrade, The Samsung Galaxy C7(2017). The images of the new C7(2017) are spotted on TENAA including their specifications.

Looking at the images, the new C7(2017) seems to have curved glass on the front, on the bottom the home button can be seen. C7(2017) seems to have a downgrade in the display size, it comes with 5.7-inch FullHD Display while the original Galaxy C7(2017) came with the 5.7-inch screen. Unfortunately, there are some disappointments in colors the C7 2017 comes only in 2 colors namely black and gold. The phone seems to have a downgrade not only on the display size but also on the battery front, the original one comes with 3,300mAH while the new edition comes with 2850mAH.
TENAA shows us some clues on two different variants of the phone, one is with 2.39GHz and 4GB of RAM while the other one is with 1.69GHz and 3GB of RAM. Speaking of the MSP, the C7 has a dual camera on it’s back in a vertical fashion with a 13 and 16 mega pixels on the back and a 5-megapixel camera for selfies and video calls. Considering the internal storage the C7(2017) comes with two storage options 32GB and 64GB galaxy c7 (2017) SM-C7100samsung galaxy c7 (2017) SM-C7100samsung galaxy c7 (2017) SM-C7100samsung galaxy c7 (2017) SM-C7100

That’s all folks for the new Samsung Galaxy C7(2017)! Keep checking this page regularly for more updates on Galaxy C7(2017).

Source: TENAA

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