Instagram as you know is a growing competitor to other social networks likes snapchat, as a positive notion Instagram does allow you to see what you have liked before, so in this guide you are going to learn how to see what you have previously liked on Instagram, ibe thing should be kept in mind that the posts must be liked when your account was logged in only!
also one thing to be noted, that is Instagram only stores liked posts upto 300 pictures, which is a bummer if you need a really old throwback, but lets head on to the tutorial

Steps on how to see photos you liked on Instagram






  1. Login to your instagram account from your phone
  2. Tap on your profile icon at bottom right corner of the UI
  3. You will see your profile,in the top right corner tap on the three dots
  4. You will be able to find a list of settings where you can see “Posts you’ve liked”
  5. The list of 300 pictures which you have recently liked is displayed

few people were curious about how to check previously liked pictures on Instagram so had to write this small tutorial to end all the queries they had,also few people were looking for the same tutorial on a computer, but sadly Instagram doesn’t allow users to view previously liked pictures on Instagram on their computer, which is a bummer, but the best you can do is install an android emulator like bluestacks to access android app version of Instagram on your computer, to view the recent pictures/post that you have liked from your profile.

Instagram is going huge with the stories update, according to recent analysis userbase is growing huge, compared to Snapchat, if you are active on Instagram and if tech and travel intrests you, do follow : my profile supreethbharadwaj 



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