Samsung recently launched its premium lineup of ‘TV of light’: their flagship QLED TVs in India and showcased its innovative SAMSUNG QLED TV,the invisible connection,an innovative design solution called ‘The Frame’, redefining the future of home entertainment with cutting-edge TV technology and style.


What’s New with QLED Lineup

Samsung’s, QLED lineup is going to be a premium line-up of three categories namely QStyle, QPicture,QSmart having their own special set of features, apart from the innovating Quantum dot technology,Samsung is offering an almost bezel-less experience, a slim,sleek metal body, in addition to the no gap wall mount, which makes your TV look like a painting on the wall, also their concept of ‘Frame” which makes your TV a wall painting or a photo frame, when turned off, cable management box with the TV makes your setup clutter free, with all jumbled cables, with One Remote control, you can get an enhanced experience with Samsung QLED range.


  • QStyle: Samsung launched several new  design elements that can camouflage into any home regardless of the interior design or setup. The all-new 5mm Invisible Connection cable helps manage knotted cables and clutter with a refined, single cord system. Consumers can now use a single cable to all the consoles,set-top boxes, dvd-vcr players, make sure the stup looks clean.                                                                                                no gap mount gives the TV a Camouflage appearance to be like a wall painting, an additional studio stand, can also give TV an artistic look at the corner of the room.
  • QPicture:   The Newly Launched QLED TV’s take Quantum Dot technology to a whole new level, the metal-frame with quantum dots, gets you brightness of upto 2000nits,and vibrant set of colors that makes  your TV viewing experience enriching and enjoyable.
  • QSmart: One Smart Remote enables you to control more than one device without any clutter of too many remotes, also Samsung allows you to control your TV with your smartphone, with ease of access,Samsung focuses on making TV, viewing experience simpler and enjoyable at the same time, with QLED TV’s running on Tizen OS, you will be able to enjoy the lag free experience.


The Frame

this feature is one of my personal favorites, turn off your TV and get a wall painting, the inbuilt censors in the TV automatically switches standby mode on once you enter your room, showing paintings on the wall just like any other painting, unlike bland black screen, you get a wall painting decor with the TV, almost-bezel-bezel-less TV makes it even more mesmerizing, to decorate your home and make it a source of entertainment at the same time, with the single cable environment,gap-less wall-mount, Samsung nailed it in-terms of Design aesthetics compared to other brands.


QLED TVs will be launched in three series, Q9, Q8 and Q7, in 55 inches (138 cm), 65 inches (163 cm), 75 inches (189 cm) and 88 inches (223 cm), starting May 2017. QLED TVs will be priced between INR 3,14,900 and INR 24,99,900 in India.

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