Philips Digital Conclave 2017: aadhar linkup to make

Philips Innovation Campus had recently organized their 3rd Digital Healthcare Conclave, the conference was intended mainly to focus on connected healthcare throughout the country , and how Philips can revolutionize the health care in all parts country.

With Increasing number of diseases, in a country with such a huge population, Philips is going in right direction with connecting healthcare centers, with only 15% of the total population with life insurance, its highly important for a developing nation to look after people, How do we address this?

While we have highly sophisticated technologies which can make healthcare more efficient as well as well connected,

Aadhaar and healthcare

Aadhaar as you already know a mandatory document issued by Govt. of India, so integrating that for connected healthcare would be brilliant so Philips came up with this great idea to use that to provide connected healthcare, according to The National Healthcare Policy 2017, connected healthcare is the right solution to the existing healthcare problems in Indian subcontinent. The policy’s main aim is to develop and deploy digital health care and connected healthcare across the country. It also focuses on implementation of aadhaar to interconnect the healthcare centers with which the Philips is supporting to take it forward

Artificial intelligence and health

Philips has been constantly trying to focus on healthcare with futuristic technology, at the conference,  Mr. Srinivas Prasad, claimed that the artificial intelligence they are building will be able to learn from the data they obtain from various healthcare centers across the country, also Philips has aimed to deliver quality healthcare to remote places in India where health care is  in dire need.

Mobile Obstetrical Monitoring (MoM).

High fetal and maternal mortality rates are a major concern in remote villages of India, Philips is trying to curb this and put an end to the death rate, the project is said to monitor pregnant woman early high risk identification via a new telehealth solution.

This will augment the performance of India’s Health Workers as they are the first point of contact with the healthcare system in the remote areas, allowing them to save many breathes. The MoM project will be a great step towards amended healthcare for the newborn and the mothers.

A pilot study using MOM is being done in Shorapur Taluk in Yadagir District, Karnataka since December 2016. Philips has partnered with Narayana Hrudayalaya and National Rural health Mission, Karnataka.

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