Why a Foldable Smartphone?

Is it a luxury? Is it nostalgic to have a foldable smartphone just like your motorolla flip phones? well most importantly it is a breakthrough in technology for most of it, since years smartphone manifacturers have been working hard on making screens bigger, and now theres a weird race to who can make the best bendable display smartphone in the industry. So the answer to why a foldable smartphone is totally depending on a end consumer, as far as usability is concerned, theres no added feature that would make your life easier, but some brands like to make the market used-to to the flexing displays.

Pros of a Foldable Smartphone

Pros are its super cool to look at, as a tech enthusiast personally I feel having a foldable device in hand feels ahead of time, just like ‘back 2 future’, well dreaming apart, the compactness of the phones, and minimalist approach to what it can do could be one of the advantages, talking about innovation having an entire flexible tablet inside your pocket is actually cool and one of the biggest breakthroughs of all this innovation, all thanks to TCL now we have an eye-candy prototype of a tablet that can fit inside your pocket

Cons of a Foldable Smartphone

the cons are more than the pros, mainly because all these smartphones out in the market are just in development phase, due to the brittle-ness of glass, it had to be replaced by other materials like plastic, which will make the screen look cheap, although you are paying a fortune for same! apart from the screen quality, as there are moving parts like hinge, durability is also questionable, after the Samsung Fold 1 fiasco, we know that even for the big brands it is very tough to innovate with something that moves or flexes.

It is indeed very hard to speculate what these phones would actually be used for, currently I would say it is a luxury to pay for! considering the prices of phones available online

Best Foldable Phones That You Can Buy Now

Motorola Razr:1499$/ ₹ 1.2L

Comes with Flagship specs like 6 GB RAM, 128 GB ROM, Purely meant for nostalgia as it lacks good battery (comes with 2510 mAh ) , and those who owned old moto flip phones, won’t regret buying this as it looks clean, reminds us of its old cousin, as well as stands out in a crowd.

Samsung Galaxy Fold:$1,600/ ₹ 1.5L

More of a tablet than a phone, but Samsung’s first ever foldable device, after the displaygate, they’ve changed few things, over all it is a decent device for a tech enthusiast coming with 12 GB RAM and 512 GB internal memory and snapdragon 855 makes it worth the luxury in a tech perspective

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Avail for pre-order

The latest and greatest by Samsung, a proper phone which is foldable to a compact size, comes beefed up with specs, teased in feb 2020, gonna be in market soon!