In the rising era of technology, home automation is something that has been a part of a productive and luxurious lifestyle, making things easier for people living in home, and at the same time increasing security is a primary concern, Hogar Controls, a company based out in the US, aims to provide a complete home automation solution for a modern day home, with a touch of a luxury,

Now what i mean by ‘Touch’ is that they have a complete solution for your home electrical application, which not only gives you a modern day automated home, but also a modern look to your switch boards, these switch boards could be called ‘touch boards’ as there is no click or tick mechanism which you have in normal switch boards, the switch boards from Hogar Controls are touch capacitive buttons with a premium design overhaul.

apart from the design aspects of the switch boards, these are electrically safe and requires less wiring hassle and can be easily set up.

The smart home controller


Now we all must have imagined huge computing drives or breaker panels for automating your homes or offices, which will be expensive and maintenance would be a hassle, but Hogar Controls has combined all the functionalities of a proper home automation control and put it in a small device which can rest in your palm! with all the latest technologies, wifi,bluetooth4.1,amazon alexa, USB 2.0  this device is just meant to be a plug and play product which you just have to put into your power socket and you are good to go!


Latest products by Hogar Controls

6-in 1 Touch Panel (PRIMA+):

this 6-in 1 touch panel enables you to serve several functions in a single panel, additional to normal controls which all panels have,this panel has a fan speed control built-in enable you to control the speed of a fan just like your regulator, and also a light control dimmer which is a rare to find in any panel, light dimmer is helpful in office spaces, studios and bedrooms.

Specifications of 6-in 1 touch panel:

  • wireless operation with amazon alexa and google assistant
  • retrofit design enables you to fit this in existing panel without any extra wiring
  • intelligent light sensors only light up when you go near the panel
  • is synchronized with Hogar app and all other panels via smart home controller


Hogar Control App

This app is icing on the cake, with this app you will be able to monitor and control all of your switches and smart home controller, set timings, and give it a personalized touch by naming and putting up images for your preferred rooms.

Other products by Hogar Controls

Hogar Video Door Bell:


Hogar One Touch Panel:

Hogar Pebble


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