[tw_dropcap]D[/tw_dropcap]id you ever listen to a new music in cafes, parties, and be like ‘what song am I listening to’? or ever tried finding out the song playing on the radio?, or if you are curious about how to know which song you were listening to, you are in the right place, we all love music and music keeps us motivated, happy throughout the day, but when you want to know the name of the song in an FM Radio, or maybe some DJ at a party, you are clueless of how to know which song was playing.
Sites like Google, Bing need you to know at least few words of lyrics, but what if you don’t know the lyrics, and still want to know ‘which song is this?’ for example ‘despacito’ was playing on radio, and we hardly know Spanish 😛 so this guide helps you to find the song you were listening to, so we bring you several ways of how to know which song you were listening to

1. Find out the song from your phone


  •  Shazam for IOS and Android or blackberry: You might have already heard of this app, Shazam is a mobile application which runs on Android phones,iPhones, Blackberry, and Nokia s60 too. Shazam enables you to easily record what you are listening to and know which song was playing, ie you can easily know the name of the song by using Shazam, but the free version lets you find out limited number of songs, by premium you can find which song was playing as many as times you want
  •  SoundHound:for android,windows phone and ios : forgot which song it was playing? Want to know the name of the song playing? SoundHound is a mobile application for android, ios,windows, which helps you detect which song was playing, you can use SoundHound to know the name of the song just by recording, or humming or singing the song. The UI is simple and the tracking is more efficient
  •  MusicxMatch for Android and iOS: musicxmatch is a music player basically, which serves lyrics of m=songs for you, it also has a feature w can detect which song is playing by recording it it will automatically scan and play the same song.
  •  MusicID: a premium IOS app Music ID is an IOS/android/blackberry application which is similar to Shazam, but is a premium app on ios costs you around $3, or if you are on AT&T or Virgin Mobile, you can dial #43 and hold your phone near music to get a text with name of the song that was playing.
  •  Ok Google,Hey Siri, Hey Cortana:There are several apps for your IOS/Android/Windows Phone to be able to detect which song is playing around you, with just a few taps on your phone, you can know which song was playing in radio, or party.ou are familiar with can also detect which song was playing, In Android Phones you can use Google Assistant, by talking to it by command, ‘OK Google, which song is this?’ or Ok Google, which song is playing, What music is playing?, or something similar, and playing or humming the song after the command.- In iPhones(IOS) you can do the same by calling command ‘Hey Siri, which song is this? , or which song is playing or something similar to it, and after the prompt says Siri is listening you can play the music of which you wanted to know the name,
    – Windows? Go to Cortana tap the music search option and she will start listening and you will know which song was playing, in a jiffy.

2.Find out which music was playing from a recording in Pc

  • Midomi: if you remember that great sing you heard at some party, and want to know the name of the song but you don’t remember the name,Midomi has got you covered, Midomi is an online Web platform unlike shazam which can detect which song you were listening to, by recording it via a microphone and uploading on Midomi, SoundHound was developed by Midomi.
  •  AudioTag :If you have a recording of the karaoke or a sound clip of the song, you can know which song it was, by uploading on AudioTag you can find out name of the song you were listening to. You can upload the whole song if you have or just a small clipping of it, either way it wil use snippets of the voice clip and search in its database and give you the name of the song.

3. Find out which song was playing by people

Yes we live in 21st century and we do have websites which can connect people who can help us get the name of the song you were just listening to, all you need to do is record the song, or sing it and upload it and poof! They will help you get the song.

  •  WatZatSong WatZatSong (“What’s that song?”) is a social site where you can upload and MP3 clipping of the song, recorded clipping of the song whatever you have and people will help you find the name of the song which was playing. Also Watzatsong enables users to cross share in different social networks like twitter and facebook so that everyone can help you out
  •  Name My Tune : it is a similar site where you can find out which song you were listening to by just recording a clip and uploading it on this side, you can get the name of the song emailed to you.

And next time before thinking “What’s the name of that song ?” you know what to do 😉

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