smartron as we all know a rising company in the mobile phone industry with its devices smartron t-phone and smartron SRT phone, also with its IoT platform tronX and the acquired bike company, Smartron is leading towards building a smart future with IoT and automation,while we have already seen few examples of IoT and uses of it let us try and break down what it actually is

What is IoT?

IoT(Internet of Things) is a network of devices on internet,right from your smartphones,tablets,laptops to your washing machines TV’s anything and everything which has a sensor, your car,your security camera, the use is vast, the whole concept of IoT is to enable communication between two or more devices in order to exchange data and processes without us doing it manually,in order to automate these tasks, IoT is the way to go.
the concept of “M2M”(machine to machine) is used in IoT in-order to achieve complete automation, of tasks.

Smartron and IoT:tronX

Smartron has been constantly trying to achieve complete home automation, and been working on its AI powered IoT platform called tronX (best of the both worlds) when it comes to automation, every device, including your bike,would communicate with each other and exchange useful information, making things easier for us, by avoiding manual setups for each device,when the devices you use learn about you, and function on their own,you save a lot of time and productivity is x10.

The collaboration

Smartron is known to be the first Internet of Things (IoT) and OEM manufacturer in India,in order to achieve more in research, Smartron is collaborating with University of Southern California’s (USC) Center for Human Applied Reasoning & the Internet of Things (CHARIOT) to research furthermore in personalized education using wearables and AI based learning technologies. The collaboration focuses on building a neural network and a system to connect the classroom, by influencing smartphones and range of sensors by them.

“We are extremely pleased to be the first Indian product brand to partner with USC’s CHARIOT to collaborate on creating this new and hugely immersive and personalized learning program based on IoT,” said Smartron founder Mahesh Lingareddy.


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