Today Reliance Jio launched the wildly rumored 4G feature phone, which is also known as JioPhone which is absolutely free. coming with that they also announced cable TV service.

The Jio phone is absolutely free for everyone but the buyers need to deposit Rs.1500 which will be refunded after three years on returning the phone, so technically the JioPhone is available for Zero rupees.

“Today, I am delighted to announce that JioPhone will be available to all Indians for an effective price of – Rs 0,”
Mukesh Ambani

in the midst of applause from share holders, he added “the deposit of Rs.1500 will be kept till 36 months of usage and give back to the consumer.”


Jio phone was launched at the 40th AGM meet of Reliance Industries.Ambani introduced his twin children, Akash and Isha the prodigies, presented the features of Jio Phone which include free calling and messaging services with voice command, Internet surfing capability and a hdmi to phone connection to stream digital content to a TV, for example playing videos in the HD tv.

According to the press release, JioPhone will be released for beta testing from 15th August, and the consumer phone will be released on 24th of next month..

The Jio 4G feature phone comes installed with all basic Jio apps like Jio Music, Jio Cinema, etc.

Jio Phone features

  1. Alpha numeric keypad( no touchscreen)
  2. a stunning 2.4 inch QVGA display
  3. Headphone jack (xD burn)
  4. built in SD card slot expandable upto 128GB
  5. Torch light
  6. Built in FM radio(needs headset)
  7. Battery with charger
  8. Four axis navigation system
  9. Phone contact book
  10. Call record history
  11. Jio apps
  12. Inbuilt Ringtones

at the event, Mukesh Ambani said that, voice calling will always be free for JioPhone consumers, they are looking forward in bringing 5 million phones to the market a week.
he also stated that according to a data, in 78 crore phones in India, 50 crore are feature rich phones that cannot be used for internet and data access,the newly launched Jio Phone will be affordable and the internet and data service will be easily accesible to all parts of Indian society.

also he mentionsed that Jio 4G phone will be supportting all 24 Indian langauges. THe Jio 4G feature phone would come with NFC(near field communication) which will support UPI payments, and something like Samsung pay or apple pay.

The jio 4g phone will be provided with unlimited data for Rs.153 per month, or either the Jio dhan dhana dhan offer will be on default for all consumers.
coming with 125 million userbase, they also announced two new recharge packs, Rs.54 tha has one week validity and Rs.24 having two days of validity.



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