while we were all hyped up for the new Iphone 7 in WWDC 2016, half of people already knew there was no hardware announcements till September, keeping the facts aside you might have come across the renders,leaks of the changes that might be there in iPhone 7, or if you didn’t find any, this was one of them: dual camera! in battle of pixels, iPhone always gave a tough game in camera quality, with high quality images in every phone they have ever made! this time,Apple fans were really over hyped with the leak that iPhone is going to have a dual-camera!
Android Industry biggies like Huawei, LG, started the whole “Dual-camera” thing, although at one point we do feel the need of two cameras with different capabilities, while you need a wide-angle for a group pic, and a shorter angle for a normal picture, I personally never felt the need of a wider angle, or a phone with dual-camera though, still some shutter-bugs really love the crazy dual-camera.iphone-7-leaked-bastille

According to a recent leak from a Foxconn employee, most of the anticipated leaks, like no headphone jack, dual-camera, might not be in the new iPhone 7, recently an anonymous employee from the company proclaimed on social media that Foxconn internal staff, had cancelled the dual camera on iPhone 7 because:”immature technology”, now few of people may just blindly agree about the whole immature tech thing, while other part of the crowd goes mad about not improving anything in it, I would say they should have placed a dual-camera, well not for the change, but you know *innovations* *tech* although I am not an apple fan, I can say that quality of their phones is marvelous, it would be great only if they concentrated on innovating something new every year instead of making the same phones with high specs, but works for them people still buy it 😛

coming to the point some of the people claim that, few limited number of iPhone 7 would have a dual-camera in it, and others would not have it in the box, seems strange but another rumor claimed that Sony is not providing camera sensors this year due to some issues, and LG Innotek is rumored to be provider of the lens, now I might keep my step back for the only thing that we all know how crisp images are on Sony sensors.
on my take it’s really a bit early to say anything about the new iPhone 7, whether it has a dual-camera? whether it has 3 gigs of RAM? let’s wait for it and do let me know about the whole dual camera thing in the comment section down below!
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