Google For India, an event where plans of Google in India was showcased, the usage of YouTube by Indians is really massive,and the networks in few parts of India still is 2G, considering everything that an Indian consumer needs, Google has introduced few plans only for India, including Youtube GO, localized duo and allo, scheduled downloads on play-store.


Youtube Go


at the launch of YouTube Go Johanna Wright, YouTube Vice President,  about how the impact of offline videos in India was higher than other countries, basically YouTube Go is a better version of downloadable videos feature, which enables you to download high quality videos with lower bandwidths, and also share with your local friends as well. YouTube GO serves as a social network for video fantasies,



Localized Allo and Duo


Google’s siri killer (or) Google’s Assistant Allo was showcased at google for India. Google Allo now supports Hindi,also they ensured that it will e fully functional with all features by the end of 2016. Hindi is popular among people in North India and by the Google Allo in Hindi,Google can gain a massive user base for Allo in North India.

Google also mentioned about its latest video messaging app Duo, as simplistic app which works even on poorer connections, according to them India is the second largest user base for Google Duo right after US.

Scheduled Downloads on Playstore


Bragging with the same idea of poor connections in India,google tried to grab attention by releasing new feature in play store where you get to schedule a download to be downloaded later when there is a WiFi connection.

Free Wifi For all


Since last year, Google’s public Wi-Fi initiative in India now has a massive 3.2 million active user base, 52 railway stations across the country now offer free Wi-Fi, and the services are set to go online at over 100 railway stations across the country by the end of the year.


Google is focused more on the digitization and gaining user base in India, its really huge, keeping the business apart, indeed its making people reachable to the internet, providing wifi and focusing on localised apps for poor networks are good moves by Google, well the future awaits, let’s see what’s google upto!
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