Mobile phones have come a long way, at the beginning, they were utilized only for calling and messaging. That evolved for a long time, times have converted. Those ordinary feature phones are long gone and people are getting a move to smartphones.  The smartphone users usually tend to switch it with a cycle of 2-3 years. Now, this is what causing to increase a lot of e-waste.  Google’s plan to thin out this E-waste was to build a modular smartphone named “Project ARA”. It not only solves the problem of E-waste but customizability too. In the earlier stages of Google’s modular smartphone Project ARA, its main motive was to give the user control of the every part of the phone.  Lately, in that respect are many modular phones launching but they are just the other kind of modular smartphones, semi-modular.  Semi-modular phones like Moto Z and LGG5 has got some really nice attention and did fairly good too.

Project ara postponed

After a lot of delays and changes made on the program, it is said that Google has currently suspended its “Project ARA” that was worked on for more than 2 years.  The modular phone itself was showcased with some progress and modifications in the platform for the last 2 years.  If you didn’t know a lot about Google’s modular phone “Project ARA”, it is believed to be a modular smartphone with the capabilities of completely reorganize the phone. Need additional RAM? Swap it out and add the new one. Higher resolution camera? Simple, again replace it with the other one.  This is a real game changer idea that Google brought until they altered it. The mockup shown in #io2016 was little different from what their vision was, the mockup could only change those speakers and add a fingerprint scanner or a battery. In a way, that disappointed a little for geeks and people like me. At #io2016 Google announced that they would be releasing a Developer version this fall and consumer edition in 2016.

Initially, Motorola announced this project 3 years ago, under Google.  But, Google retained and took command of the whole Project ARA while selling the Motorola Mobility to Lenovo.  Recode states that the search giant Google may license the project ARA to other collaborators.  That’s some small hope!  But still, Google won’t launch the Modular smartphone itself as we anticipated for so diwali offers 2017 amazon diwali sale

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