Amazon, the company which is known as e-commerce behemoth, who is also the makers of the beautiful e-book, readers named the “Kindle”. Since Amazon’s software on the Kindle puts some restrictions on it. The best way to customise your Kindle a bit is to jailbreak it. Don’t worry it isn’t a prison escape kind of this; jailbreaking your Kindle is a smooth and easy process if you follow the steps appropriately.


What’s Jailbreaking?


The manufacturers usually won’t allow end users to change or fiddle with everything. Jailbreaking comes to the rescue in that scenario. Jailbreaking allows obtaining access to your Kindle as if you were a developer with the complete access to the operating system. It’s cool because you could change things and play with some settings to make it more your device.


Why Jailbreak It?


On stock, Amazon doesn’t offer a lot of customization on the Kindle. As I told you earlier, jail-breaking would be your chance to customise your Kindle a bit more than what Amazon provides out of the box. There are some pretty solid reasons to jailbreak it. One of which would be to add custom screensaver of the cover of the book you’re reading or changing fonts, Video player, enhanced PDF reader, maybe a terminal on it?


What will I need?


  • A Kindle.

  • A USB Cable.

  • A Computer.


Step 1: Upgrading/Downgrading Your Kindle’s OS


You cannot jailbreak a Kindle with this method if it runs Kindle OS version is 5.3.3 or 5.3.6+. So you may have to need to downgrade or upgrade a more suitable version. We recommend upgrading to the most current jailbreak friendly version of the Kindle OS 5.3.5. Here is a link to it.

Amazon Kindle OS 5.3.5.

  • Download the OS from the link to your computer. Before heading on to the other thing, Do not forget to Turn on Airplane Mode. Connect your Kindle to your PC via USB cable and transfer the .bin file which you’ve just downloaded to the root directory of your Kindle.
  • Remove the USB cable and Navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Update Your Kindle.
  • Your Kindle will reboot for almost a moment, and after a while, your Kindle must show the Software Update Screen with a progress bar. This procedure will probably take 5-10mins.
  • Once the update or reboot completes, Navigate to Menu -> Settings ->Menu ->Device Info to check the version of the Kindle OS.


Step 2: Jailbreaking.


It’s time to jailbreak as we are already on the right version of Kindle OS. Follow these steps below to jailbreak your Kindle.

  • Download the required files from here.
  • After downloading the jailbreaking file which is named as “” extract all its contents and mount your Kindle again to your PC.
  • After extracting the zip file place, MOBI8_DEBUG, and these file to the respective folders as follows.
  • Root —> MOBI8_DEBUG,
    Documents —>
  • Now, on your Kindle, press the home button and look for the Document which is similar to the image below.

jailbreak, jailbreaking kindle, kindle paperwhite, amazon kindle paperwhite jailbreak.

  • The document should show a big “Click here to jailbreak” link. Click on that.
    jailbreak, jailbreaking kindle, kindle paperwhite, amazon kindle paperwhite jailbreak.
  • Once you click the link, it shows some additional instruction and follow that to get your Kindle Jailbrokenjailbreak, jailbreaking kindle, kindle paperwhite, amazon kindle paperwhite jailbreak.
  • After jailbreaking, it leads back to the home screen, and you must see a jailbreak-log on your home screen.

Voila! You’re done jailbreaking your Kindle in these simple steps. Now try customising and modding your Kindle as you wish.


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