A screenshot is an image taken of whatever is on your screen; this is a guide to Take Screenshots in Windows 10/8/7.1/7, screenshots usually come in handy to show your client/boss/friend what is going on in your screen
Screenshots can be took in various ways, and when it comes to windows, it is easier to take screenshot without any third-party software, but the thing is the screenshot feature is not a popular feature to market, so these ways might make you wonder why everyone doesn’t know this, Windows is packed with features that hardly come out to a normal user, like you and me, these ways of taking screenshot are few of them.

How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10/8/7.1/7

1. By pressing Shortcut – PrtScn (Print Screen)


You might have seen this weird key in your keyboard named ‘Prt src’, usually above insert and delete, to take screenshot in Windows 10 by hitting print screen key, the whole screen of what you are working on will be copied to your clipboard, i.e., you can paste your screenshot anywhere, like paint, word document, or a Facebook chat in Chrome.

2. By pressing Windows + PrtScn

Windows button+printscreen is an alternative shortcut to take screenshot in Windows 10 or 7 or 8, by pressing Windows logo key + Ctrl + PrtScn button, the whole screen what you are working on gets saved as a Jpeg image in screenshots folder on your computer, under pictures you will find a separate folder named screenshots which will have all your screenshots, this shortcut is much easier because in no time you will have screenshots ready in a folder without any hassle of pasting and editing.

3. For taking active window: Alt+PrtSrc


Things get simpler here if you want to take screenshot in windows 10 of an active window or the window on which you are working on and don’t need the background, this shortcut is the right one for you, by pressing Alt and Prt Src key together you can take a screenshot of the active window which you are working on and it will get automatically saved into your clipboard to paste anywhere you need, no need of taking the whole screen and cropping it to a smaller thing, this shortcut has it


4. Snipping Tool: take what you want

Snipping tool is a built-in application on windows which can be used to take screenshot in windows 10 of the whole screen or a small part of the screen you are working on, most of the time you want to share a small thing on your screen, so this tool enables you to cut the small part of your screen and save it to clipboard or paint, this tool saves your time from cropping the bigger screenshots, it also has delayed screenshot feature which enables you to take screenshots on a timer.

Word of work.

Hope you liked the above tutorial, taking screenshots is a major thing these days, whether it be for some official work, or to creating chaos between two people ? ? screenshots play a major role in our daily life, hope you can now easily take screenshots in windows 10.
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