One of the biggest challenges of using an iPhone on a daily basis is its battery, with such a great phone to use iPhones have a small battery, while iphone 6 has 1,810mAh, which is really small for such a powerful phone. Apple, trying to make their phones light and thin, compromised on the battery life, with a promising specifications and looks, iPhone is a great phone to use and flaunt around!

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So, How To Increase Battery Life On Your iPhones?

1.Turn off everything:

one of the things you might be lazy about is turning off things, on your iPhone, by turning off Bluetooth,Wifi,NFC,location services can actually save some battery as these use up the phone’s Ram and ram consumes battery!

2.Toggle the Low power mode on

if you have upgraded your phone to iOS 9, then you must have come across this function called ‘low power mode’, which toggles automatically once your iPhone battery reaches below 20%, this mode disables all the fancy animations which drain your battery up! so you can turn this mode on to save your battery with less fancy stuff, you can find this toggle in seetings>battery.

3.Lower the brightness of the phone

some of you guys are already aware of this feature, by sliding the brightness to the lowest you will be able to save some juice of your battery! you can do this by going to settings app, and select display and brightness, where you will find a slider and toggle to turn off auto-brightness, which you should!

Turn off notifications for useless stuff

notifications are another big hassle for the battery, especially apps like facebook just keep bugging with notifications which eat up ram as well as battery, you can go to settings on your iphone

4.Clear background apps which you are not using

if you were an android user then you probably know what to do! if you are a true apple user then you need to empty backround apps! these drain your battery a lot!

5.Update your OS

keeping the device to the latest firmware is important to save your battery, as they improve the performance and optimize battery in every update, so it is important to stay up-to-date on your phone!

6.Turn on Airplane mode(only if you are traveling)

yep, while you are travelling, the connections change time-to-time, the mobile catches signal from too many towers at short period of time, causing to drain battery very fast, so by turning on airplane mode you can save battery!

Catching it up the pace

Iphones being the best to hang around have a pretty weak battery being compromised for a thin and stylish body of the phone, which I consider a bummer, well obviously you can cover an ugly phone with a case, but how can you cover a weak battery? an ugly case with bulged back? 😛 Apple needs to rethink this in iPhone 7 though! Read more about Apple iPhone 7 and Immature technology here

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