Apple is known for hardware and build quality, iOS is a great platform but It’s anything but difficult to utilize, it looks great, I have a considerable measure of affection and appreciation for iOS. What I don’t generally have a considerable measure of adoration for is the iPhone itself – not reliably, in any case.


With regards to the iPhone 7, which was released recently, I can’t precisely pinpoint only one thing that I don’t care for about it; there are a few. I truly need to like it, with all those memes running over the no headphone jack in iPhone, #courage didn’t probably work out for Tim, well how can you even plug in your earphones and charge the phone at the same time?

Ear pods much? meh

however, I can just imagine how costly losing ear pods that will be if, God deny, both of those things get to be lost. Apple was additionally pushing the entire remote headset thing with their new AirPods, which… okay, they look kinda weird af but still wireless, yet they’re totally unrealistic and path overrated at $159. Consolidate that with the way that they’re Bluetooth earphones and you’ve lost the principle reason they chose to change from the 3.5mm port to Lightning in any case, which was having a brilliant sound affair.


Apple is so digging so profound into their dedication to inventing something new with the Air Pods that I was betting on them introducing fast charging or wireless charging, now I know wireless charging is too much too expect but at least fast charge?  Not a chance. I understand that wireless charging may not be that easy for integrating in iOS, however anyone who has ever experienced issues with their charging port before realize that having a wireless option to charge their phone would have been greatly valuable. after that there’s the entire 32GB base model thing. I ought to be energized. I’ve been against its 16GB base model for a couple of years now, however I think they’ve additionally missed the 32GB train. A 64GB base level would have been great. 32GB is no more amazing. It’s reasonable, and simply because it’s originating from Apple.

Upgraded processors?

Something else, the iPhone 7 still has its great qualities. The A10 Fusion processor appears to be encouraging, and Apple could build its battery life by 1-2 hours relying upon which model you’re thinking about.

In case you’re one to spring for one of the higher models, you get a decent manage the 128 or 256GB models (yet the base level ought to in any case, as I would like to think, be 64GB).  and the iPhone 7 is presently waterproof and dustproof with IP67 affirmation.

Dual camera <3

The cameras on both sides and both the 7 and 7 Plus have gotten significant overhauls too. On top of all that, the telephone showcases Apple’s most up to date iOS 10 on some of Apple’s best equipment for the OS.


Colors *_*

Well I really can hit on this one, this should have been their selling point, black and jet-black variants are the one we all been waiting for, the black on the phone looks so marvelous you could really buy it for the color itself.

Well yeah every single year there comes a new iPhone, whatsoever the features, their fans gonna buy it anyway, but I think apple should really care about their customers and push a little harder towards innovating rather than making bossy statements. What’s your view on iPhone? Are you buying it? Do let me know in comment section below 😉


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