Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 aka Note 6, nothing on the name has been confirmed as of right now. By looking into the reports and rumors we can literally say that Samsung might name the successor of Galaxy Note 5 as Galaxy Note 7 to be on par with the “S” series of Samsung Galaxy series. There are a lot more that leaks have been suggesting, something unique as Iris scanner and not much unique as we have seen on OnePlus 3, Note 7 is also rumored to come with 6GB of RAM. Lately, @evleaks even has got the press renders of Note 7 leaked showing the different colors of the phone which Samsung offers. So there’s much buzz on the device right now.

Galaxy note 7 aka Note 6 press renders
Press render by @eveleaks

The rumored specs of the device are pretty much what a premium flagship of 2016 should have, a Qualcomm’s powered processor Snapdragon 823, 6GB of ram, Adreno 530 and the sensor wise on the camera is the same what we have seen in Galaxy S7, which was one of the top players in camera. On taking the note on display it was rumored to have a QHD (1440 x 2560 pixels) resolution with a 5.7-inch display. That’s where we have got it, the Note might not come with a 5.7-inch display instead with a whopping of the 6-inch display. Note 7 was a kind of “Phablet flagship” till now, but with Note 7 it’s gonna be even bigger. This was spotted on Zauba, Indian import or export tracker stating that model number “N-930R4” with a 6 inch of display. Nothing on the screen size of Note 7 edge as of now, it might come with the same screen size.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Spotted on Zauba
This pic shows the screen size which is different from what we have seen in leaks.


Samsung’s Galaxy S7 was the top player in the best smartphones to buy, this year. It was and still is an undisputed flagship of the year. Samsung has been doing well with Note series till now, what do you think about Note 7 with a screen size of 6 inches? Yay! or Nah!? Comment down your thoughts below. Personally considering it’s a Note series which is meant to be a phablet, I am kind of neutral on this neither Yay! nor Nah!

Source: Zauba

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