well you might have come across the word,RaspberryPI, have you ever wondered what this silicon board is? and what it can do? if not then don’t worry we got it covered, let’s learn about what a raspberryPI is and what it does, if you are one heck of a geek, this is the thing you need to look into! fiddle around and play with it!

What is a Raspberry PI?

Basically Raspberry Pi is a mini credit card sized computer! which has endless possibilities, on which you can run things,make robots,use as a PC, or even build your own iron man suit? yep! all it needs is a display, mouse and keyboard,Raspberry Pi is works like a normal computer, with processor,RAM,hardware ports, has everything your PC has in the size of a credit card, which means you would be able to make it function as one, like run games, watch HD videos, all the stuff in a card which you can keep in your pocket! well obviously it’s not as powerful as your PC but still can give you endless possibilities with low-cost and portability.
RaspberryPi is a good go when you want to learn things like Python,scratch etc, also if you want a NAS,web server, media server but don’t want to spend much on it. It can be used easily by people of all ages.

What Does Raspberry PI Run ON?

out of the box you get Raspbian as main OS for the Raspberry PI which is based on Debian, which you might feel a bit different from windows or other oses that you might have used,although main os is raspbian you can boot other operating systems like Ubuntu,OSMC,RIS, or WIndows 10 IoT, with a display or connection to your Tv and a mouse and keyboard you will be able to use it as a PC in no time without any hassle.

What Are Some Of The Uses of RaspberryPI

there are more than a million ways you can use Raspberry PI for! pretty much every tech thing can be done with raspberryPI, coming to the basic uses we can use it as a PC, or a portable device, or you can use it as a media streaming device, coming to some of the few amazing things that Raspberry Pi can be used, that I came across are:

  • RaspberryPi security system: with raspberry Pi and a USB cam you can configure raspberry Pi to run as a security system and take control of visitors and home security!
  • RaspberryPI Futuristic alarm clock: you can build a futuristic alarm clock which can be synced up with your phone, and wake you up early and also look cool at the same time!
  • RaspberryPI Minecraft Server: tired of offline games and stupid servers? build your own with raspberry PI and get most out of it!
  • Temperature control:  take control of temperature in your room, office or flat without any hassle, just program it and it should get your work done automated!
  • Raspberry PI Robots and AI : heck yeah, you can build your robots and even Jarvis with RaspberryPI and some knowledge of code!
  • Raspberrypi Internet Radio: love Spotify? want to stream music? build your own internet radio with Raspberry pi and get most out of it!
  • Automation!: Raspberry PI can be used in automating day-to-day life, with some code and equipment you will be able to live a life of an iron man 😉


What are the Types of Raspberry pi?

Raspberry Pi a+(plus)

Raspberry Pi A+ is a basic version of Raspberry pi with lower configurations and available for lower price. backing with only one USB port you can still make few things out of it, with lower power consumption, it runs with 256mb of ram which is fairly enough for small projects 🙂 and you might not be happy for the fact that it doesn’t contain Ethernet port.
This RaspberryPi is perfect for projects which doesn’t require much power,for example an alarm clock or RC car, or a small robot, and much more,which doesn’t require much of performance and need to be small as possible.

Raspberry Pi 2

Raspberry Pi 2 is the 2nd version of the RaspberrryPi.this might be the popular model in every project that i have come cross, and known to be the best among all, with mediocre specs,Raspberrpi 2 is an upgraded version of Raspberry pi b+, Raspberry PI comes with 900MHZ quad-core CPU and a huge 1 GB Ram it comes with 40 pin extended GPI, four USB 2.0 ports, and Stereo out and HDMI Port for video and audio. IT also comes with CSI (Camera Interface) and DSI (Display Serial Interface) ports, and a Micro SD card slot for storage and powers up with micro USB cable.

RaspberryPI 3

is the high config and the latest in the raspberryPI lineup, till now I have never come across a RaspberryPI that’s this easy to use because of few add ons RaspberryPI 3 has! it comes with a CPU running 1.2 Ghz and is 64bit! Raspberry Pi 3 also comes with on-board Wi-Fi (802.11n) and Bluetooth 4.1.which indeed is a good to go option to free up USB ports!

Raspberry Pi Zero

The RaspberryPi Zero is the tiniest In the whole line up being a cheap and affordable RaspberryPI it can be used for tiny projects like a pebble maybe? or other things,Pi zero is a 5$ board, with 1Ghz of Single-core CPU running on 512MB RAM, with few basic ports and a mini hdmi port, it backs up as a small device which can’t be used to run heavy stuff, but still for the price its a bliss.

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