Xiaomi, thinks out of the box every time,innovating new and refreshed tech with a reasonable price, this time its really big in the midst of 5.5 inch “flagship phones” Xiaomi is trying to bring back the era of Nexus 6 with Xiaomi Mi Max, with monstrous Specs, Xiaomi has launched a 6.44 inch phablet, with high specs, as in India people tend to enjoy the multimedia on larger screens, and tend to buy tablets or phablet phones, before a year a 5.5 inch screen was really big deal, Nexus 6 had its exceptions, in the lineups, phones have a small screen with high resolutions and high specs, in which watching a video may not be that enjoyable, coming to the tablets we have a large screen size with low end specs, which cannot play HD videos, Xiaomi Mi Max is brought to end this jinx, a full HD high resolution display, High end specs, you have a compact phone-cum-tablet, which is enjoyable for a multimedia geek as well as for high end gaming smooth performance.

Xiaomi Mi Max is loaded with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 650/652 processor, which is backed by six or eight Cortex A72 and A53 CPU cores. with Adreno 510 GPU graphics Xiaomi Mi Max is really a bliss for light gaming and heavy gaming as well, it runs almost all games smoothly.

Key features in Xiaomi MI Max:

  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 652/650 processor
  • a gigantic 4850 mAh battery
  • Up to 4GB RAM
  • 128 GB  of internal storage (expandable up to 128GB microSD)
  • 16 MP rear Camera shoots crisp images
  • 5-megapixel front shooter
  • 6.44-inch Full-High definition IPS display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  •  fingerprint sensor on the back

Xiaomi Mi Max with a 6.44 inch screen, might seem big to you, but in the hand it feels comfortable to hold, and light weight for the specs it has, no wonders Xiaomi had to risk a new trend in the smartphone industry, as it is best known for innovations,

MIUI 8: the future of android?

skins on android is a bummer for techies, exceptionally we all were impressed with MIUI 7 for having an easy and customizablity with lag-free experience, but I was really impressed for the first time after using it in person, i am basically a stock android lover, some of you are too, but miui 8 is really what makes Xiaomi MI Max so special, it would be optimized on mi max, and you won’t be facing any lags or hassle, as it has $ gigs of Ram and a high end processor, it makes the phone completely worth of what you are paying for, or maybe more than that 😉

Xiaomi Mi Max coming with Snapdragon 650, will be with 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage) will be available at INR 14,999 on Mi.com from 6th of July, and it will be on sale across other eCommerce sites from 13 July. The Snapdragon 652 variant with 128GB storage (4GB RAM) will also be available soon priced at INR 19,999.


The Hulk of flagships?

i would always love that extra inch of my screen, where I would read things clearly and access multimedia on the huge screen, MI Max sure is a winner for big screen lovers, who wants specs to be high at the same time, especially Nexus 6 users Mi max is your one go! Miui 8 was another incredible work from Xiaomi.


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  • DumpSty
    Posted July 5, 2016 11:48 pm 0Likes

    I am soooo ready for a big(ger) phone. My Note3 has done well for me all these years. Now I want a 6.4in or 6.5in phone. Offer it on Verizon in the US & it’ll be a hit.

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