did you know that your fingers travel 1 mile for every 10,000 words across your keyboard? despite all that typing you have to google stuff, find everything to have that perfect conversation with your friend, so much of effort right? say you have to go to dinner with someone special and you are planning on whatsapp, you have to go to google search down the restaurants in town, and book them, which again kills your time and gets annoying as well, but now that we have “Xploree!: a keyboard app that does more than just typing”

you might have used different keyboard apps on your android phone, or may have been using google keyboard for quite long,well its time to switch! Xploree is a smart keyboard that gets your job done while typing, lets get into it!

Xploree: a keyboard app with predictive technology


Xploree does serve as any other keyboard app would, a minimal app with a fluid keyboard, but Xploree is way smarter than you think, Xploree goes way beyond, auto-correct, predictions, and gestures.
Xploree uses Natural Language Processing(NLP) to make it easier to find things you need right in your keyboard, Xploree has in-app discoveries, which automatically knows what you want, shows discoveries, which lead you to offers/websites that you are looking for, for example if you are looking to buy some gadgets, you can see an icon ticking above your keyboard while you type, which takes you to the discoveries, which contain offers to websites that you might use,


Discoveries: the future?


Xploree gives you a set of cards whenever you tap on the icon, these set of cards contain offers or links directly to what you are looking out for!some times it takes you directly into pre-installed app on your phone.


intenticons are these tiny icons which describe what you type and then get you the cards, these detect automatically of what you want, say you are texting your friend to plan for a coffee that evening, you get an icon on top of the keyboard, which takes you to discoveries where you get to choose cards, like Zomato,and then directly share the link with your friend while texting, this does save a lot of time, spent searching for the right thing to buy food or go to.

Languages and Multilingual texting: the smart way?



Xploree supports upto 130+ languages in-all, and also supports few local languages used to text, like Hinglish, or Kanglish,which is usually a mixture of English and their local languages, which is incredibly awesome to use, Xploree uses NLP to process multilingual predictions and correct them as well, suggestions for other languages can also be observed here, Xploree gives you versatility of choosing many languages and downloading them.

Customization 🙂


Xploree has a theme showcase where you can choose from a huge collection of color combinations and variety of themes for your keyboard, you can turn things on and off, prediction will be primarily turned off as people might get annoyed.

My dictionary, shortcuts

one of the features that I use the most, in the app you get to add your own words to the dictionary so that you don’t get auto-corrected, which is pretty annoying, and shortcuts enable you to add your own abbreviated words which gets changed into something you want, for example: ttyl into talk to you later.

Is it safe?

one of the things that I was concerned personally at a discussion with the team, as the whole “NLP” and “artificial intelligence” requires user data, so is it safe to type password in this? Absolutely yes :),team made a clear point of the user data being stored right in their phone, for further use, as a cache, and none of the app data will be sent to servers, so you are super safe with this 🙂


Xploree is a neat keyboard app, with abilities of context processing, using intent analysis algorithm, it does save a lot of time, making it easier for you by giving in-app suggestions, i might say its a productive app and fun to use. i have personally used this app for a week, and i can say this is really fun and easy to use 🙂

Download the app Here!

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